Pluck their Petals

'Pluck their Petals' is inspired by the greatest love tragedy wether he loves me – or not. In addition to my Signature Carpet Collection for Moooi Carpets I designed a collection of 5 statement looks to bring the full story to life.

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Pluck their Petals - Carpets

Multiple layers of tulle petals build up a gradient of colour causing a mysterious, yet romantic and dramatic dimension. The technique of layering creates more depth and darkly shadowing in the creases, turning the carpet into a fantasy like destination somewhere between a dream and a nightmare.

Signature Carpet Collection created by Ferry Schiffelers X Moooi Carpets

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Ladies who Lunch

A collection inspired by the documentary 'The secret world of Haute Couture'. It captures a feeling of being part of a world that remains notoriously private and only opens to the elite few. 'Ladies who Lunch' brings an exclusive fairy-tale to life.

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